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*Please note: All projects require half of the total negotiated rate (non-refundable) before the project begins, with the remainder of the payment due upon completion of the project (unless a hourly rate and pay schedule is agreed upon by both parties). This rate will include any and all materials needed to be purchased by me for the completion of the project. Any unforeseen material(s) and expenses paid for by me during the process of completing the project on time is the responsibility of you (the client) at the completion of the project.
You (the client) must own the rights to any materials needed for the project that you provide to me (photos, stock images, fonts, etc.) and you release me of any and all legal wrongdoing and financial responsibilities should you (the client) be brought to litigation for the project and its use.
All art commission pieces and prints art created digitally unless otherwise agreed upon prior to the start of the project.
I reserve the right to decline any project.