A fun evening…

I’m enjoying an evening of Harry Potter & the Goblet of Fire movie and reading a bit of Austin Kleon, specifically his book Steal Like An Artist.

I have to say that I truly enjoying reading the insights of other artists, whether that’s a traditional artist, musician, writer, fire dancer, Pokémon master, whatever. It’s just refreshing when you can hear from a peer and apply his or her ideas to your own work.

After this, I’ll be knocking out Austin’s book Show Your Work! Pretty excited.

New Website!

Hi everyone and welcome to my brand new website. It’s nice to finally have it up and running. Going to work on the media query stuff a little later but for now, we’re good to go.

I’ll be sharing my thoughts and insights on everything from art & graphic design to comic books, music, and maybe just some news of the day and food for thought.

Oh, and keep an eye out for my work, which I’ll be sharing, as well. So enjoy and I look forward to hearing back from all of you!